About the App


The Adventure

When we began working on Let’s Go Shopping, we never imagined the amount of support we would receive from such a large amount of people for such a simple application. 

A simple idea dawned upon me one day- What if there was an application that prepared children to explore different environments at their own pace. An application where children can see and hear the sounds over and over before entering an environment so they are prepared to cope with the incoming stimulus of sounds and noise. A tool children could take with them to match items, which further supports their calm shopping experience. 

We began development in 2015 on the first version of Let’s Go Shopping, and walked the line between a realistic representation of the supermarket and a fun application. Over several months, we redesigned the supermarket, the characters, the products, and the sounds always striving for the perfect balance between the real world and the application. 

By early 2016 we identified the look and feel we were trying to achieve, and commenced development with some amazing designers and developers here in Australia. In collaboration, we perfected the mechanics of the app and Let’s Go Shopping was finished in December 2016.

We hope Let’s Go Shopping will be a valuable learning tool for your child’s development by exposing them to a range of settings for building life skills. We love to hear feedback so get in touch here.






Just the Beginning...

Let’s Go Shopping for iPad is our flagship product, and we have many new and exciting things in development for the Let’s Go! Series. We believe that the Let’s Go products will encourage children to develop the confidence to explore every day environments by taking ownership of their learning and making connections between experiences, concepts and processes. We also believe the more information and sensory exposure you can offer your child will equip them with the skills and knowledge, to encourage them to be less anxious and stressed. If you have any ideas about how we can further improve our existing products, or ideas for our next products, please get in touch!

Thanks, Candice